Funks Ballonfahrten
CH 4628 Wolfwil / Switzerland

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Flying season is from
November through March each year


This will be the high light of your holiday in Thailand!

An unforgettable balloon trip above the fascinating hinterland of Pattaya. Come with us for a trip over pineapple fields, palm trees and some of the numerous temples that contrast beautifully with the green landscape. When we land you will notice that balloon travel is still relatively uncommon in Thailand. Within minutes we are usually surrounded by a crowd of friendly and inquisitive people: a perfect backdrop for your holiday photographs.

A balloon exploration of Thailand, the land full of surprises and contrasts, is an experience reserved for only a few. If you wish, you can soon be a member of this exclusive circle.


Can we fly with you?




Yes, you can join us on one of our flights from the middle of October to the middle of March.


When does the balloon trip begin?




The journey begins shortly after sunrise, at about half past six in the morning.


How long does the trip last?




About an hour. This can vary, depending on the direction and strength of the wind. The area around Pattaya is beautiful, but balloon pilots can find it difficult to find a suitable landing place.


What should I wear?




Comfortable casual clothing. A head covering is advisable as a protection against the sun and the heat from the burner. Please make sure that you are wearing proper shoes (no flip-flops).


When do we return?


Our driver will usually bring you back to your hotel towards 11 o'clock.


The wind, the weather!



Although it is highly probable that the sun will shine on the day of your planned trip, there is a possibility that it may have to be cancelled if conditions are too windy. You will then have the choice of reserving a new date immediately or you can have the full price refunded.


Who is Funks Ballonfahrten?




A Swiss Balloon and Airship Company. Management and pilots are all Swiss or German. For your safety we only employ professional and highly experienced european pilots.




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